NEWS 2017


Happy Birthday
Moonlight du Boheur Infini One year old today 24th December.
Singapura Cat.



Moreton in the Marsh Show filming for a BBC Programe to be aired in January  2018.

The Royal County of Berkshire Show.

Reserve Supreme Goat with Rainbow Heidi and Supreme Champion Pet with Plushcourt Elation.

Diana Minimali became a Grand Champion Singapura Cat.

Cat Nipper Kipper gained his Master Cat Title.

Portuguese Podengo Puppies Born.


Podengo Puppies Born

Three Counties Cat Show
Nipper Kipper my Household Pet Cat went Best in Show Non Pedigreee at The Three Counties Cat Show. He also won his 2nd Master Cat Certificate.

Ch. Diana Minimali won her 1st Grand Challenge Certificate and was Best of Breed.

Moonlight du Bonheur Infini won and was Best of Breed.


July 1st
My first Cat Champion. Singapura Ch Diana Milimali [PL] gained her third Chalenge Certificate. Bred by Anna Sikorski.

Singapura Kitten Moonlight du Bonheur Infini won again and was awarded Best of Breed. Bred by Caty Lucas.

My home bred Household Pet [Non-Pedigree] Cat Nipperkipper, just out of kitten, won his first Master Certificate, and was Best of Breed.

5th July
Bengal Kittens Born 2 boys and two girls

A son of  my Stud Dog Plushcourt The Bizzness Bee sired the Dog Challenge Certificate at Windsor Championship Show, for owner Don Bean, breeders Mr. & Mrs Gardener.

My Hombred Zwarbles Ram Plushcourt Blackjack now owned by David and Mark Norris in Northern Ireland was 2nd at the Major National Show in Omagh.

What a Day for the Plushcourt Team !

4th June
BEST IN SHOW & Best Of Breed.
Moonlight du Bonheur Infini

Diana Minimali
Two Challenge Certificates

21st June
Lilly & Sophie Judge and Welsh Pony Plushcourt Hallelujah debut in the Show Ring



16th May Bengal Kittens Born

Border Terrier Puppies Born



Kune Kune Piglets Born

Pedigree Pygmy Goats born



The Ewes have started to lamb so far triplets and twins born.

Goat Kids being born, more still to come.



Four Zwarbles Sheep exported to Northern Ireland
and went to join a young Flock there.
Good Luck to the new owners,
and a successful Lambing with the three in-lamb Ewes.

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