News 2022.

Boston Championship Show 8th January

A.V.N.S.C Hound. 
Plushcourt Baby Bear 1st Puppy Bitch Qualifying for Crufts.
A.V. Rare Breed Hound.
Best of Breed & Best Puppy 
Plushcourt Guessing
Reserve Best of Breed
Plushcourt Good Golly. 

January 23rd.

Manchester Championship Dog Show 
Best of Breed & Best Bitch & 1st Open Bitch
Plushcourt Gizelle
Reserve Best Dog
Plushcourt Godspeed.
Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed 
Plushcourt Guessing.
Plushcourt Bear Witness 1st Puppy Dog Qualifying for Crufts. 
Plushcourt Guessing 1st Puppy Bitch
Plushcourt Gibberish 1st Junior Bitch
Plushcourt Good Gracious 1st Post Graduate Bitch.

Crufts 2022.

Best of Breed with Plushcourt Guessing. 

The Portuguese Podengo Club Open Show 
16th April.

Plushcourt Gizelle Best Bitch and Best in Show. 
Plushcourt Hey Presto Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex in Show. 
Plushcourt Bear Witness, Best Puppy Dog. 
Class Winners. 
1st Limit Dog.Plushcourt Hooliga1st Junior Bitch Plushcourt Guessing
1st Yearling Bitch Plushcourt Fairy Story
1st Novice Bitch Muslis Vilja from Plushcourt
1st Post Graduate Bitch Plushcourt Gibberish
1st Limit Bitch  Plushcourt Good Gracious. 

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